Frozen Planet: Portrait of Earth's Polar Regions

The highly anticipated Frozen Planet debuts this weekend on Discovery Channel. Narrated by actor Alec Baldwin, the seven-part series will premiere on Sunday, March 18 from 8-10PM ET/PT, and on subsequent Sundays through April 15.

A Discovery Channel/BBC co-production four years in the making, Frozen Planet will provide the ultimate portrait of our earth's polar regions, where the scale and beauty of the scenery and sheer power of the natural elements are unlike anywhere else on the planet. Ambitious and epic in scale, Frozen Planet will reveal an astonishing world filled with more creatures, variety, color and spectacle than ever imagined - including the birth of an iceberg bigger than the largest building on earth, a caterpillar with antifreeze in its veins, the greatest concentration of sea birds on the planet and tiny baby polar bears, who at birth are 25% smaller than human babies. Never-before-filmed sequences will include the growth of a saltwater icicle (brinicle) that freezes everything it touches and orca whales working as a team to create killer waves that wash seals off ice floes.

The filmmakers utilized the latest cinematographic techniques and technology to capture groundbreaking imagery both above and below the ice in some of the most extreme and remote regions of our planet. Combined, the Frozen Planet team filmed in every nation inside the Arctic and Antarctic circles during a record 2,356 days in the field, 1 1/2 years at sea, more than 6 months on the sea ice and 134 hours beneath that ice, filming in the polar oceans. These efforts will be profiled in a Making Of episode.

Other episodes of the series will provide an introduction to the poles and the elemental power of the weather and ocean there, how seasonal changes all year long impact landscape and wildlife alike, and how humans, pushed to the very edge of survival, adapt to this extreme environment. The series' seventh episode, hosted on camera by British naturalist David Attenborough, will investigate what rising temperatures will mean for the people and wildlife that live there - and for the rest of the planet.

For behind-the-scenes perspectives directly from the Frozen Planet crew, and to relive the best moments from the series, the official Frozen Planet website will offer hours of video. Viewers will also be able to experience engaging interactives, breathtaking photo slideshows and more leading up to and during the series' premieres.

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Photo Credit: Discovery Channel/BBC/© Jeff Wilson


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