Enter the White House Student Film Festival

Here's an exciting contest that combines creativity and a love for STEM: the first-ever White House Student Film Festival. K-12 students are asked to create a three-minute video that discusses the role that technology plays in education, either currently or in the future. The contest finalists will have their videos screened at the White House, too!

Today's students are in a prime position to experience how technology can impact learning: new tools like online resources, apps, and high-tech devices can all play a huge part in schools today. This contest is a great opportunity for students to take a step back and really think about how their learning is enhanced by this technology. What opportunities and resources do they have access to that didn't exist only several years ago? How would their learning be different if they didn't have access to a piece of technology they took for granted? Will educational technology be significantly different in five, ten, or even fifty years?

Contest entries are due on January 29, so it's time to get filming! For inspiration for your short film, Science NetLinks has dozens of videos aimed at all age groups. Take a look at Videos for Grades K-2, Videos for Grades 3-5, Videos for Grades 6-8, and Videos for Grades 9-12. Have fun and good luck!

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