The Electrifying World of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was one of the most prolific inventors of our time — he invented the alternating current (which is what powers the electrical devices in our homes), fluorescent lighting, the radio, and an electric generator that he claimed did not require fuel (which has unfortunately since been lost). Tesla received over a hundred patents for his inventions. He does not, however, have quite the same name recognition that other inventors like Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison do.

Join AAAS MemberCentral on February 20 at noon Eastern Time for an hourlong webinar, "The Electrifying World of Nikola Tesla," celebrating this underappreciated scientist and engineer. Hear from a Tesla biographer, a founder of the new Tesla Science Center, and an artist who uses one of Tesla's inventions to create music.

To learn more about Nikola Tesla, take a look at the Tesla: Inside the Lab tool and our Inventors and Inventions collection.

Image credit: AAAS membercentral


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