Day 2 - 2012 AAAS Annual Meeting

What a great day!

We started the day meeting with our Verizon Thinkfinity Technology Teachers who came to the meeting from the Long Beach, Chicago and Boston areas. We are thrilled they could join us and appreciate the support that Subaru and The Verizon Foundation provided to make that happen.

These teachers use Science NetLinks and Thinkfinity resources in the classroom and we are excited to have them participate in the meeting and events. As part of our blogging, we hope to share thoughts from the teachers as well.

Next we headed to the Telus World of Science for a fantastic event with one of the AAAS Suburu Book Award authors, Joan Dunning.  She read her book Seabird in the Forest, to a very engaged group of students.  The story talks about how a pair of marbled murrelets fly in from the swells of the Pacific ocean to lay an egg high in the branches of old growth trees. Joan shared her fascinating story of how the birds care for their egg for a whole month and how once born the chick pretty much takes care of itself until it can fly. It’s a great story that everyone should check out.

After the book reading Sarah and I had some fun trying out a number of the exhibits. Science at any age, never gets boring.


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