Day 1 - 2012 AAAS Annual Meeting

Greetings from Vancouver!

Today was a busy day and interesting day. We attended the meeting, A Global Movement in Support of Inquiry-based Science Education, where we heard from a number of interesting speakers from around the world speaking about K-12 science education. Some of the meeting take-aways included:

  • In science education it is important to remember that science is a process of learning and a process of understanding. It does not have finite amount of information to learn.
  • There is a natural connection between science and language especially in the primary grades because students are focused on language and also have a deep interest in discovery.
  • Students intrinsically have their own curiosity to discover science so this should be embraced.
  • It should be acceptable for a teacher to say “I don’t know” and respond later with an informed answer.
  • Enable all children to acquire the problem solving thinking and communication skills of scientists so that they can be make their way through life making wise decisions and be productive in the workforce.
We also discussed the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Common Core. Here are links to  the documents which are free and available online.

Lastly worked on getting the AAAS Education Directorate (included Science NetLinks) exhibit booths ready for everyone to come learn about our programs and offerings. As you can see, we have fun even when lifting and unpacking many boxes!


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