BioBlitz 2014: The Recap

BioBlitz 2014 wrapped up a few weeks ago, and Bob Hirshon from AAAS was there to document it in videos and blog posts! BioBlitz is an annual event hosted by National Geographic at a different national park each year, during which volunteers have just 24 hours to inventory as many different species as they can in that area. Volunteers include scientists, educators, students, families, and nature enthusiasts.

This year's BioBlitz was held at the Golden Gate National Parks in San Francisco, CA. Get a recap of the event here on Science NetLinks with Bob's videos and blog entries:

  1. Live from BioBlitz 2014 with Bob Hirshon
  2. BioBlitz 2014 gets off to a great start!
  3. BioBlitz 2014: Looking for Bacteria
  4. BioBlitz 2014: Nighttime Bat Walk
  5. BioBlitz 2014: Organizing Organisms and Counting Critters
  6. BioBlitz 2014: Healthy Bugs, Healthy Streams

Or watch all of Bob's videos on our YouTube channel with this video playlist.

We hope you enjoy our BioBlitz 2014 coverage, and come back next year for BioBlitz 2015 coverage as well!

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