BioBlitz 2014 gets off to a great start!

We had a sunny kick-off to BioBlitz, despite a dreary forecast, and thousands of kids and grownups came out to enjoy it! Carol Sietz, who coordinates the event for National Geographic, said they had a record-setting number of schoolkids (a couple thousand—more exact numbers later).

You can check out my first video blog below:

Golden Gate National Park is a great setting, with a variety of habitats—deep forest, streams, meadows, cliffs, beach, tide pools—so we should find an amazing diversity of species here. But it's a challenge for blogging, because there are so many locations and they're so far apart. I have an intrepid team of field producers—okay, it's actually my wife and 21-year-old daughter—shooting video and conducting interviews up at Muir Woods, north of the city, while I work at the main staging area at Crissy Field.

I'm trying to focus on organism groups that we haven't included in previous BioBlitz vlogs, like mushrooms, water bugs and bats. I'd also like to talk to people about taxonomy—the science of identifying organisms—as a profession.

So stay tuned! I'll try not to forget to blog in between shooting and editing. And feel free to reply with any questions or suggestions regarding what I post!

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