BioBlitz 2012 Intro Video

I am attending the sixth annual National Geographic/ National Park Service Bioblitz, a 24-hour species inventory held in a different national park each year. For 2012, we are in Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, CO and I am producing live blogs from the event.


This first video is an introduction to the Bioblitz, and a demonstration from Tracy Barbaro, project coordinator for the Encyclopedia of Life, about how you can conduct your own bioblitz at home.


Throughout the evening, I'll be producing and posting more videos. Tonight, weather permitting, I'll be joining a team of scientists hunting bats! So stay tuned.

It looks like my videos are a bit large for attaching, so here is a link to Youtube: http://youtu.be/asj32Z188XE


Bob Hirshon


And to add a different perspective to this event, please Meet the Man who Networks the BioBlitz. He includes a photo of the beautiful Colorado skies - the purple mountain majesty mentioned in the song, America the Beautiful,a picture of the BioBlitz camp and a young elk who dropped by just to check things out.

Thank you Bob Hirshon and and John Johnson for all you do for educators!


Verizon Thinkfinity Team

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