Avoiding the Summer Brain Drain

Summer learning loss — sometimes called "brain drain"  — is a real problem. During a long summer vacation, students can lose up to three months' worth of reading and math skills, forcing teachers to spend weeks teaching these topics again once school is back in session. 

Keep kids thinking, exploring, and learning this summer by keeping it fun. Books can be a stimulating way to absorb new knowledge: check out these Science Books & Films award-winning titles and these recommended STEM books from the past few years. 

Send kids outside to play and learn: Help them plant a wildflower garden or butterfly garden, have them map the habitats found in the backyard or nearby park, explore a local pond, and even measure the passage of time by tracking shadows.

Short online educational videos are an emerging form of science communication and a genre that appeals to all ages. Science NetLinks has curated collections of educational science videos by grade: K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12

Finally, apps for mobile devices, whether they be games, tools, or informational, offer endless possibility for fun and learning. Take a look at our Science Apps collection to find great new apps for iOS and Android devices. This post will help you find apps that pair particularly well with outdoor exploration.

What are your recommendations for keeping students engaged during the summer?

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